GetProtected with Takaful

Get protected with Nurani Takaful (PA) as low as MYR 0.033 a day

What is
Nurani Takaful (PA)?

This is a renewable product that provides compensation in the event of bodily injuries, disablement or death caused solely and directly by a sudden, unforeseen and fortuitous event that happens unexpectedly.

Benefits and Coverage

Accidental Hospital Income

MYR 50 (Max for 30 Days)

Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement

MYR 25,000

Double Indemnity on Public Holiday

MYR 50,000

Product Disclosure Sheet

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Coverage Plans

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The monthly contribution that you have to make is RM 1,00 per month, excluding 6% Service Tax.

    • Takaful: An arrangement based on mutual assistance under which takaful participants agree to contribute to a common fund providing for mutual financial benefits payable to the takaful participants or their beneficiaries on the occurrence of pre-agreed events.
    • Wakalah: Agency contract where the participant appoints the takaful operator to manage Takaful contributions by charging an agreed Wakalah Fee for their services.
    • Tabarru’: It is a contribution from the participants to the General Risk Investment Account (GRIA) which the participants agree to relinquish all or a portion of their contribution to pay the takaful benefits.
    • Hibah: A gift. In Takaful, contract of Hibah is also applicable in other transactions such as in surplus sharing, whereas Takaful benefit shall be given to the nominated recipient based on Conditional Hibah.
    • Ju’alah: It is a commission (reward) for good performance in managing the General Risk Investment Account (GRIA) where the takaful operator shall be entitled to an incentive equal to 50% of any surplus sharing from the General Risk Investment Account (GRIA) after the end of each financial year.
    • Qard: An interest free loan which provided by the takaful operator in the event of deficit in the General Risk Investment Account (GRIA).
  • This product covers:

    Benefit Benefit Description Sum Covered (RM)
    A Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement 25,000
    B Double Indemnity on Public Holiday 50,000
    C Accidental Hospital Income (maximum up to thirty (30) days) 50 per day


    • Please refer to the master certificate wording for full benefits, terms and conditions under this product.
    • Duration of cover is for one (1) month. You need to renew your takaful cover monthly.
  • You may cancel your Certificate of Takaful by giving a written notice to us provided that you have not made a claim on the Certificate of Takaful. There shall be no return of contribution.

  • It is important that you inform us of any change in your contact detail/life profile including nomination, occupation and personal pursuits which would affect your risk profile. You can write to us at the address below or email us at: